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Text-Based Search / Image-Based Search

Please return the Roku search to the prior Text-Based Search.

Many Roku users want the Text-Based Search on Roku prior to recent 2022 updates.

Many Roku users do not want the Image-Based Search that was implemented in 2022.

The Image-Based Search both limits Roku's usability by limiting the viewing options users want from Roku, and it enforces curated content on users, further limiting Roku's usability.

Alternately, give users the option to return to the previous Text-Based Search.  Doing this would make all Roku users happy, including those who are OK with curated content being forced on them.


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Level 8

Re: Text-Based Search / Image-Based Search


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Re: Text-Based Search / Image-Based Search


If you have an Android phone, you can use a free app called RoMote (Open Source Roku Remote) available in the Play Store.  I do not believe it is available for iOS/Apple. 

This will provide you text-based search results and this is the remote app I use unless I need private listening. (private listening does not work with this app due to proprietary protocols used by Roku).


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