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Streambar: USB-C PD instead of barrel connector power adapter

TL;DR: Streambar would make a great travel essential if it supported USB-C Power Delivery

While searching for travel speakers, Roku's Airplay abilities led me to where I discovered they have a line of speakers. The Streambar is not too big yet big enough to have decent sound. It's very versatile. I can use it to stream shows to TV, Airplay from my phone, and it has bluetooth. I stay in a lot of hotels and apartments with older TVs. The Streambar would make a great travel essential. It doesn't have batteries so it can be packed in checked luggage. Not having batteries also helps with making airline luggage weight allowances. Unfortunately however, the weight savings is cancelled out by the charging brick power adapter.

It would be great the Streambar supported USB-C Power Delivery then we can use our ever-evolving, versatile USB-C chargers instead of the one-trick pony of a charging brick with its barrel connector.

Now if the Streambar's circuitry can't be adapted away from the 12volt, 5amp spec, which are rare in USB-C PD chargers, then maybe never mind.

P.S. I would also love to see Wifi 6E support in all Roku streaming devices.