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Streambar Pro Next Gen - Please!

I'm currently using the Streambar for my master bedroom along with Roku subwoofer and a pair of wireless speakers.  It is a decent setup, but I'm really ready to step up to a product like the Streambar Pro. 


I've been holding out for Roku to refresh this device as it was last updated back in May 2021 as it has gotten a bit long in the tooth.  


Ok Roku, here is my wishlist for the next generation Streambar Pro/Ultra device

1) Even Better Sound (3D Sound Cinematic Experience)

2) Connectivity - (Wifi 6e or 7 and why not throw-in Gigabit Ethernet for the fun of it)

3) Supports existing Roku Subwoofer and Wireless speakers (Reuse baby!)

4) Retains mounting sockets

5) It happens sooner than later!

Anyone have anything else to add?


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