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Roku, please, Backlight your remotes

I have cut the cord and gone with a Roku Ultra and an Express 4K+.   

I like the remote but I don't LOVE the remote.  It's biggest shortcoming is that it is not backlit.  For what the Ultra costs, I would expect this as a minimum.  But for what I am sure would be a minimal cost, backlighting should be added to all remotes.  

Can I get an AMEN!


Level 7

Re: Roku, please, Backlight your remotes

Seriously, this is the biggest drawback of Roku in my opinion.  I like to keep the lights dim at night in the Livingroom watching tv.  Can't see the buttons.  Even a $10 universal remote I was using prior has backlight.

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Re: Roku, please, Backlight your remotes

Backlight would be nice!

I would also like a remote that is "less slippery". The sloped and curved back makes it fly off a side table with ease. I ended up putting some thick rubber feet on the front of my remote so I could put it button side down and keep it from sliding away so easily.

A flat backed remote, with some rubber grip trim, and a backlight - would be awesome!

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