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Roku channel streaming needs categories

It would be easier to navigate the streaming channels in the channel guide on the roku streaming channels if you had it in categories.  I never know how to get to a specific channel (Cinevault Classics, Supermarket Sweep) especially when you cant type in a number allthough they have numbers on the guide.

I find myself going to Pluto, XUMO, or Peacock due to this and I would love to use this service since it's free and has different channels than the other ones of its type.

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Re: Roku channel streaming needs categories


While in the Roku Channel guide, you can type in the channel numbers if you are using the official Roku Remote app available in the Play/Apple stores for mobile devices. (you can either type using the app's keyboard feature or use the voice feature and say the channel number or name).

Additionally, if you have a Roku Voice Remote, you can use the Voice feature (microphone icon), and similarly just say the channel number or channel name while in the Roku Channel guide to quickly navigate to that channel.

For reference purposes, created a Roku Channel guide for users (

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