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Roku Channel - Save shows to a watchlist or queue?

This question is regarding the actual Roku channel. 

I am impressed with the selection of TV shows and movies available. But I am very disappointed that there is no obvious option to save anything to create a watchlist or queue. Tubi has been my go to channel because of this feature, as well as the continue watching feature. 

This seems like a very bad decision to deny this option because you shouldn't have to search through the huge category of lists every time you want to watch something. Was this done on purpose to make it difficult for viewers or just a dumb oversight by the developers?

I would absolutely love Roku Channel if you could create a watchlist. But without that option, I will stick with Tubi because they got it right.

If there is a way to do this, I apologize but still suggest making it more clear how to do this.

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Level 7

Re: Roku Channel - Save shows to a watchlist or queue?

I agree, I often get emails from Roku Channel telling me all the movies they have, but there's no way to save them in a queue so that I can watch the ones I'm interested in. It's really annoying and by the time I actually have time to watch something I forget what was in the email. And I like a clean inbox, so I delete it every time.

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Re: Roku Channel - Save shows to a watchlist or queue?

I second that emotion!


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Re: Roku Channel - Save shows to a watchlist or queue?

I'm considering removing my premium channels from Roku and getting the stand alone app so I can actually save lists. This feature is one of the main reasons Roku channel is the last go to

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Re: Roku Channel - Save shows to a watchlist or queue?

What an oversight on the part of Roku.

Even worse. The series I'm watching disappeared from Continue Watching.

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Re: Roku Channel - Save shows to a watchlist or queue?

Completely agree. I really hope they add that functionality some time soon. Can you imaging Netflix with a queue? It would be almost unwatchable.

Level 7

Re: Roku Channel - Save shows to a watchlist or queue?

Seriously, Roku Channel.  Have ya'll checked the CEO's resume to make sure they aren't actually a mole sent by Pluto or Tubi to undermine your future?...

Not having a way to save things to watch later is either aggressively stupid, or a calculated move to make sure Roku channel fails, because it's about as standard a feature as you can get on a streaming service. In fact, I am 99.9% sure Roku Channel is the ONLY streamer I know of that hasn't seen fit to actually help its users... well... use it

I use the Roku app for two reasons only - as a remote control when I can't find the real one, or to use private listening - and I use the Roku channel... well... never. Every show on it can be found elsewhere, on streamers that didn't willfully decide to opt out of including a simple function that *every* other platform-builder on earth knows to be a primary feature of the appeal of on-demand services: the watchlist.

Seriously.  Look into your leadership, and your coders...   I bet if you check their wallets you'll find Tubi employee IDs.  If that's not the reason, then you all need to do some serious self-examination about why you're attempting to work in an industry you don't seem to understand.

Level 7

Re: Roku Channel - Save shows to a watchlist or queue?

I would love to watch the Roku Channel but it’s utterly useless if I cannot save the tv shows and movies that I would like to watch. If I’m searching for something to watch I always find MANY things that I would like to have available in my que, or my watchlist because when I finish one show I’ve already forgotten what I was planning to watch next. Then this dreadful cycle starts again. So therefore I refuse to watch anything on Roku and I really really hate it!!  You have a great collection to choose from but so do other apps and guess what???? They each have a watchlist of some sort for me to save shows I want to watch later. A very bad decision to not have a watchlist available to your viewers, very bad!!!