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Reel Rookie

Roku Box with features only found on Roku Televisions For Commercial and Personal Use

We need a solution for a medium size company that does not involve huge dollars and difficult to use setups such as IP configured controllers and tablet apps. We need CEC HDMI output so that we can turn on devices such as projectors and televisions. At least 2 HDMI inputs and either 3.5mm headphone or RCA audio outputs would be required. An ethernet would be needed for reliability along with Wi-Fi for convivence. The New Fire Box is very close to what is needed, but the Roku interface and simplicity wins hands down. If there would be a device such as a Roku Ultra with these features, I believe that many corporations and individuals would have an a very solid and popular solution for living rooms, board rooms, meeting rooms, and home theaters. One remote and solution to rule them all!

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