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Roku App/Channel Suggestions

My understanding is Roku is losing money. Here are a few suggestions that may help. 

1. Update your menu by adding categories, tabs, interactive functionality, movie purchase options, deals of the day, links to other products, start a roku version of YouTube, etc.

2. Make the App available for any streaming device without the roku stick or preloaded TVs.

3. Add a premium subscription price for original content. Giving it away free makes your App look cheap.

4. Run a major campaign to invite investors in your stock. Make it a community driven campaign. Let average people know they don't just own stock they are apart of the Roku family.

5. Support and advertise efforts to support first responders and military veterans.

6. Team up with Newsmax here in the states to push their business and yours.  A partnership of advertising to reach millions. 

7. Hold contests for premium subscribers.

8. Get into the gaming services even if it's simple phone apps.

9. Open a channel for indie movie makers. They make the movies and you distribute. If the movies gets rave reviews at film festivals, promote on limited theater screens. If the movies make a profit then offer a purchase option and stream it to subscribers only.

10. Lastly, come across as the only App/streaming service with the viewers in mind. The campaign should reflect "We are all family!"

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