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ROKU TV - Displaying Live Grid Recent Channels While Watching ESPN+ On HULU

ON HULU while watching ESPN+  live channels and trying to display the live grid of recent channels watched, the use of the Roku remote does not function consistently as it does with all other channels. It is very frustrating when you are accustomed to hitting the down arrow twice to display the live grid. The down arrow functions as it always has with all channels EXCEPT ESPN+. Experienced Roku users will use this to switch back and forth to another channel quickly and they most likely do it without even having to think about it.  When watching channels other than ESPN+ hitting the down arrow once will pause you in the channel icon ribbon that floats on the bottom of the screen and give you the choice to pick a channel or hit the down arrow a second time and display the live grid.  When watching ESPN+ hitting the down arrow once will make the channel choice for you and it takes you to whichever channel is first in the channel icon ribbon leaving you no option to display the live grid

This is very frustrating and defeats the whole process since it most likely takes you to something you have no interest in and requires you to make a few more clicker motions to get back to where you wanted to be.

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