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Reel Rookie

Please let us install an Internet Browser!!

How is it that an internet browser is not an option?  Can't even download the Twitch App..  I know I can cast my phone to my Roku TV.  But I don't want that to be the only option..  I will never buy a Roku TV again..  This is so stupid...  Its 2022

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Roku Guru

Re: Please let us install an Internet Browser!!

Roku will never offer this, as it breaks their commercial business model (they want to own the toll road and not allow any bypasses on local roads).

There are some security issues too.

Twitch doesn't want to engage commercially with Roku, hence no Twitch app.

Hook a old laptop or a minipc to your TV and use a small format wireless keyboard and track pad. I don't think any streaming stick has a browser at the moment.

Not a Roku employee
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Reel Rookie

Re: Please let us install an Internet Browser!!

My Firestick has it's own internet browser. (Silk). It's had it for years...  All websites, and third party applications are accessible through that browser.  Roku sucks 


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