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Level 7

Please add one simple and effective parental control

Just a PIN block for launching an app. This would solve so many issues where the content provider doesn't offer integrated parental controls. We could even access it via the options menu right next to remove channel just add a "PIN Lock" option. I love ROKU, and I want to use YouTube. I want my son to use youtube when I'm there to monitor, but don't want him to be able to launch it when I'm not around. I know I can uninstall the app and set a PIN on the ROKU store, but that is very inefficient when adults want to use the app regularly. I'd hate to dump ROKU because I would feel very silly plugging in another streaming device into my ROKU TV 😂

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Level 8

Re: Please add one simple and effective parental control

I agree with this. Microsoft Family allows me to block at the app level and send a request for more time, or even a PIN to access certain apps would be fine. I'd like to keep apps like Curiosity Stream, NASA, etc. open all the time, but I would like Netflix, Prime, YouTube to be either Request-based, or PIN-based.

My preference is to Request-based similar to Microsoft Family, where I can approve 30 mins, 1-4 hours at a time. Would help me vs hiding the remote.

Once inside the app, then it's all based on the service-providers level of parental control. Which is all good.

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