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Parental lock for Roku app as a whole

Kindly request Roku development team to provide option for the Roku as a whole - the lock will apply to all channels. By making the Roku remote ridiculously simple, Roku has made it too easy to use even for kids. There are only so many places one can hide the remote (or the batteries). A simple solution would be to enable a simple 4-digit access passcode. Parents can enter the passcode via the mobile Roku app to unlock instead of typing the passcode on the screen (to avoid kids reading off the passcode).

a parent with a kid too smart for her own good.     

Level 7

Re: Parental lock for Roku app as a whole

I would like to amend the request to include that, not only include a lock on all channels, but rather for Roku to include a lock via a password, using either a number and/or letter combination to selectively lock individual channels.

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Level 8

Re: Parental lock for Roku app as a whole

I love that we can now prevent kids from adding channels without the parental code, but what about removing them? I would love to see the code applied for removal as well! Yes kids are too smart for their own good

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Level 7

Re: Parental lock for Roku app as a whole

I would love this and the ability to lock an app or need a passcode for a specific app. Unless there is a way to do this and I can’t figure it out. I don’t want my child watching YouTube when we aren’t home. 

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