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Level 8

Parental Control - Disable apps on some Roku devices

I can't believe Roku has been around for 13 years and this feature hasn't been implemented yet!

I am requesting that a way to disable apps on only some Roku devices be added and enabled. This has become a very big concern for our family over the last few months as my kids get older and more impressionable. Would really like to see this added rather than making multiple accounts (which wouldn't let me control all devices via Google Assistant or the Roku Android App) -OR- having to delete/re-add apps every time.

In particular I don't like that my kids have access to get on any app that is added to the Roku account on our living room TV. While I use parental controls on most of these apps, like Netflix for example, there are still hundreds of shows that are within the TV/Movie age rating that I don't deem appropriate for my children to watch. If I were able to disable the Netflix app from the living room TV and only allow it in our Master Bedroom TV, then I can effectively control their consumption of Netflix while simultaneously letting them be autonomous in turning on the TV and getting to apps that I allow.

Please consider adding this feature as I am sure there are others who would appreciate it as well.

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Level 7

Re: Parental Control - Disable apps on some Roku devices

I agree!  I also wish you could just disable a selected device, rather than unlinking it.  Such a pain to unlink, because then you have to relink it and then login to ALL your services again.  A disable feature or parental control would be excellent!