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How do I get to back to old Media Player

If you are going to make haphazard changes to MY television at least give me the choice to accept or roll back to the old version. So now how do I get back to the old media player? Like most people, reading new manuals and figuring out new software is not my hobby. I wonder if the person who did this new version is happy with it. I wonder if this person even uses it on a regular basis at home. Change for change's sake is not a good thing for the average consumer. Given a choice we would rather stay with the same old same old. Given a choice people whose hobby is reading new manuals and re-inventing their way of doing things can happily make the change. Just leave me and MY television the **bleep** alone.


Re: How do I get to back to old Media Player

This is an important issue.

This new interface is tedious to use, error prone and just all around annoying.

At least give us the option to revert to the old version.

Just one of several annoying items:

Big Identical icons and short descriptions in a never ending scroll.

  Did you go out your way to find a way of fitting less information on the screen?

I'll be happy to list more items if support actually reads this. 

I will assume if no answer then support does not. and I'm just wasting my time better spent looking for an alternative.


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Re: How do I get to back to old Media Player

Also terribly broken to the point of crashing on large music libraries.

used to load my 12k mp3s in 3 minutes or so, now takes over 13 minutes and then crashes when play is attempted.


How do you skip songs?!? Who released this??!?!

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Re: How do I get to back to old Media Player

I want my old USB media player back.. I added wifi to my roku tv and it upgraded from the Box's to the circles and not its not working properly.. Most of my movies on my usb sticks are not playable  and the one's that do play that are 1080p shows like 360 quality.. It's extra show and only plays some videos for 20 minutes and exists out back to main screen.. I hate it. PLEASE HELP.. Is there a way to re-download it back are upgrade another one???

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