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For SlingTV: One-button access to (and channel numbers) for "Favorite" channels

Roku works great, and I love the idea of using SlingTV to watch channels that would otherwise cost more to buy from the cable operator.

However, navigating channels on SlingTV with the Roku remote is, frankly, a pain in the backside. In a traditional cable-box remote, there is a button for the guide and a numeric keypad for access (by channel number) to all the channels. Over the course of time, one learns to access the channels by number (e.g., A&E is on channel 123, ESPN is on channel 456, etc.).


The Roku remote should provide the same ease of access to SlingTV channels. In addition, instead of having to navigate through the menus to get to my "favorite" SlingTV Channels, I should be able to press one button on the Roku remote (while watching Sling) to access only the channels on my favorite list. It would make navigation *SO* much better.


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