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Level 7

Feature request - PIN protect deletion of channels

Use Case : Deploying Roku devices throughout a business campus for easy display of news and possibly company commercials.

Management : Single Roku account used for entire fleet of Roku devices.

Problem : PIN protect denies unwanted channel adds but does not stop channel deletions. Single Roku account means if deleted from one, then all will be affected.

Solution : Add PIN protect to deletion of channel.

Note : If there are thoughts on better ways to accomplish this please respond. Maybe if enough agree they will add the feature.

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Re: Feature request - PIN protect deletion of channels

I like the idea of offering that option to PIN protect channel deletion, or any channel maintenance.

By the way, until such time, if any, that Roku offers this, keep in mind that deleting from one won't delete from all immediately. The other devices will lose the app when they update, usually overnight. In the interim, it might be worth checking regularly to ensure the apps is still on the account. Keep in mind that if an app is removed from one device, checking will show the item as not installed, even if it's still on all the other devices. Just add it back. At update, the offending device will get it back.

Also, start firing people. If they can't be adults at work, let them be kids in the unemployment line.
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Level 7

Re: Feature request - PIN protect deletion of channels

Great suggestion Basil. Running an automated check on the channel store could be a stopgap solution.

It's not necessarily a nefarIous action we are trying to stop... we generally design solutions to help protect users from making simple mistakes that otherwise might make us look foolish.

Thanks again for the suggestion.
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Level 7

Feature Request: pin code to remove channels


Is there a way to put a pin code on to remove channels. My kids like playing games and remove Netflix and other channel subs and I have to always put it on then move to the top all the time . It becomes very frustrating.


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Level 8

Re: Feature request pin code to remove channels


Over the years we had to cope by:

- waiting for family kids to get bored deleting stuff

- waiting for the kids to grow up

- migrating each family household to a separate Roku account, so deletions don't propagate to everyone (each household also now gets to have different channel line-ups) -- took a lot of re-configuring all the Roku's though.
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