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Feature Request: pre determined app load on new setup

I currently manage eleven Roku devices of many types across two locations.  I will be adding more in the future.  I would like to be able to have a default app setup with order and content pre-determined and load it on the next setup.  It is a pain to delete all the stuff I don't want, load the stuff I do want, and reestablish the order.  That would be a great feature.  Thanks for your consideration.

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Re: Feature Request: pre determined app load on new setup

I contacted support about this problem. Surely everyone runs into it when they upgrade to a newer Roku. How can there not be a template of channels and order to use for setting up a new Roku or even resetting an existing one?


P.S. My contact to Roku support yield this response when I asked about this problem (note it has nothing to do with my contact)


We've added an update to your support request #(3459622). To add additional comments, reply to this email.


Roku Customer Support


CS/CH-Gomathy Baskaran, Mar 26, 08:18 PDT:

Hello Richard,

Thank you for contacting Roku Support.
Roku provides the customers  with features that allows you to maintain your own profile of channels by moving and placing them in any order as per your wish. Please follow the link below to move the channels: (How do I move channels on my Roku® streaming device?)

You can also visit for support in future.

Have a nice day.

Roku Customer Support.

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Re: Feature Request: pre determined app load on new setup

It was obvious that support didn't even read the suggestion.

I know how to move, delete, and install apps on the Roku, having done it many time.  I would just like to have a template in my profile that has the bulk of what I want on the Roku and the tweak it for the individual device.  Oh, well.  I just thought it would be a useful feature for a majority of the Roku community.