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Feature Request: Upgrade Roku from Micro USB to Type C PD & Wifi 6

i think if roku upgrade its devices from micro usb to usb c, it will be great. Also, I recommend a Roku Ultra with both USB C Power Delivery and Wifi 6, my home has mostly upgraded smart home devices to PD and Wifi 6 so even though I want to buy a Roku Ultra but I am not very satisfied with its ports. For now, I still only use the Roku Stick.

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Re: Upgrade Roku from Micro USB to Type C PD & Wifi 6

Worth reposting in the suggestions section for visibility.

Improved networking eg IPv6 has been requested already.

Not sure what problem usb-c with PD would solve, would just add cost.

Reducing power draw to under 0.5a to allow more successful use of standard TV USB ports (which have limited piwer available) would be a benefit, would also reduce power supply cost and energy draw when plugged in with supply

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