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Level 7

Feature Request: Roku Remote improvements

I would like to see the Roku remote have backlit keys. I normally have the lights off when I'm watching TV.  Having the remote with a backlit capability would be nice

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Level 7

Re: Feature Request: Roku Remote improvements

Please, please, please! Would definitely purchase this necessary upgrade!

Level 9

Re: Feature Request: Roku Remote improvements

How about also being able to disable certain functions?  I can't tell you how many times I accidentally stab the Netflix or Amazon keys when wanting to go forward or reverse and then have to go and restart/resume whatever I was watching.  One could have a screen in settings where you could disable specific buttons.  Or even change their functions, perhaps.  I'd like to use the two bottom buttons in the "quick functions" area as the top two and disable the top two to do nothing.

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