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Feature Request: Multi-screen or Picture in Picture on Roku TV

I am getting ready to purchase 4 ROKU TV’s to put together a 2X2 multi-screen setup. I’m considering that because I’m not aware of Picture-in-Picture being an active feature, or else I would just get a projector and divide the image across multiple apps/channels. Maybe this is an enhancement request, but it would be great to either allow PIP, or allow tying multiple screens together. For example, in a 2x2 setup I could specify the placement of each TV so that the Top Left only showed the Top Left 25% of the image. Top Right-Top Right, etc.

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Re: Feature Request: Multi-screen or Picture in Picture on Roku TV


If I understand your request, you are looking for a way to split one image into multiple parts using four different TV's. I suppose you may want to be able to use different images in each of the TV's as well. One solution you are looking at is a way to use a Roku TV to accomplish your goal. I have very little familiarity with Roku TV but I do have some familiarity with the Multi Link capability associated with some Samsung TV's.  However, there may be a more simple and less costly way to accomplish your goal using any HDMI equipped television. Here is a link to an inexpensive alternative called Video Wall Controller 4 TV Wall Processor.  This would be a more entry level device at $199. Of course it can get a lot more costly depending on how much you want to spend. There is also image splitting PC software that would allow you to split your image and transpose it to as many different TV's as you have.  That would be a lot more technical than this more simple solution.  Good luck.


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