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Level 7

Feature Request: Limit Streaming Quality/Bitrate In Settings

It was there before as a hidden feature. Please bring back the bitrate override. I live on a boat and use my phone as a hotspot. Before I would be fine as long as I kicked down the bitrate. Now it's unusable for several channels. Don't understand why Roku would choose to make their product less functional. Firestick you can select between three bit rates don't see why Roku would do the same.

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Level 7

Re: Feature Request: Limit Streaming Quality/Bitrate In Settings

I 2nd this. My parents have a bandwidth cap as does my girlfriend. I only just now learned that this feature has been living in a hidden menu in Roku but no longer works. They say it's not a bug because it was in a section that a user should not have had access too. Ok Fair enough. So let's bring it out of hiding and put it in the settings menu.

A-One person said, "I don't know of any other stream box that had this feature" ... he's correct, which is why if Roku were to add this feature it would make Roku even more special.

So please add a bit rate monitor in the setting menu, it that would be extremely awesome.

Level 9

Re: Feature Request: Limit Streaming Quality/Bitrate In Settings

Agreed. I have a data cap, as I think most people do. I have looked into it, and most routers do not come with bandwidth monitoring or control tools, you have to purchase or download them separately. Not everyone is that tech savvy. People should have control over the speed at which they stream at they source of streaming, or wherever they want. Be it the Roku, Netflix, wherever. We are the ones paying for it, it should be our choice. I bought the Roku, I own it, Roku no longer owns the device, if I want to change the bitrate I should be able to. Same thing with streaming speeds with Amazon, Netflix, etc. But that would effect their bottom line in some way, and sucking the most amount of money out of people is always their goal. I’ve had to turn down my TV to 720p to save on data.
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