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Feature Request: Facebook Live, casting and browser for Roku

I love Roku.  I have at least 7.   I actually have more Rokus than TVs due to upgrades.  

That being said, most of my viewing now is either shows recorded on my Tablo or live music events on Facebook live or artists websites.   So you know what I am using to watch that.  I PoS Amazon Fire Stick.   
I know that I need to talk to Tablo (there is an app it just doesnt work) or Facebook or whoever, about getting apps developed but I am just throwing it out there that any future purchases I make are going to have to support the programming I'm actually going to watch.   It doesn't matter why and it doesn't matter that Roku is a better product.   I'm just going to use the Fire Stick and be annoyed about it. 

Like I said, I am just throwing it out there so I can say I did my part.   The rest is up to Roku.

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