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Level 10

Re: Feature Request: Bring back "Just Added"

The following was a reply from Tanner over a month ago


Thanks for continuing to share your thoughts here.

I've passed the feedback along to our team for further review—rest assured it has been received. 

If you'd like to make a suggestion for future consideration, please feel free to visit the Suggest a Feature section of the Community. 





Since then we have heard nothing from him on this. Crickets

What good is it to send to his team and that we should rest assured it has been received if they have not done anything with this and they leave us out in the cold and don't let us know what's going on.

This is terrible customer service on Roku's part and not the way to treat there customers. What good is it to have a suggest a feature section if there is no reply on Roku's part. Should just eliminate that also

Level 9

Re: Feature Request: Bring back "Just Added"

Agreed.  I suspect the reason why was removed was due to the addition of the "cable alternative" section.   The menu may be hard coded for a maximum number of entries so adding something to the menu means having to remove something else.  As to why the cable alternative section was added, my personal opinion, and I very well may be wrong, is that everything listed there is a paid service and Roku probably gets a cut from these.  the "just added" section generates little to no revenue.  Roku has basically said that they are not a content provider or aggregator but rather an advertising platform.

What's particularly galling, however, is that the channel store on Roku's website offers no just added section nor any way to sort the categories.  I'd be OK with removing the just added section from the Roku device itself if the feature, or the ability to sort by date added, were in the website.  By not providing these, Roku has, unfortunately, provided no reasonable way to find new channels. Since this nonsense started, I've noted that the "movies & TV" section, as viewed on my Roku, had 998 channels (oddly, 997 as of last night).  It is unknown how these are sorted; it appears to be random although the same channels are in the same positions each time I've looked.  It's definitely not sorted by date; if they listed the channels by date added, losing the just added section wouldn't be an issue. 

It absolutely baffling why channels are not displayed newest to oldest; it seems like such a simple thing to do that one wonders why Roku didn't do this from the get go.  The lack of response doesn't bode well; the fact that just added was removed with no announcement (no recommendation on how to find new channels) shows little concern for users.  Hopefully there is someone at Roku who reads these comments and actually acts upon them.

Level 7

Re: Feature Request: Bring back "Just Added"

I also vote to bring back the "Just Added"
Level 11

Re: Feature Request: Bring back "Just Added"

Add my voice in favor of this change.  The current menu system seems to violate UI standards.  It makes it difficult to find a newly added channel.  The 'New and Notable' category does not seem to change and favors the "big name" channels.  The addition of the extra sub categories in the menu do not help since you would need to have previous knowledge of a new channel in order to know where to find it.

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Level 8

Newly added channels

In recent updates the "recently added channels" category is gone. I miss that because I could easily see new additions. Please bring that back in some form or allow a sorting function so that we can see the what the newer channels are.

Level 10

Re: Newly added channels

If they wish to not bring the Just added section back then they need to add a function to search by date. I see in the Classic TV category(it's new) that things are being added, not sure what they are because they are mixed in with the other 160 channels. If we can search with just 2 things added, Newest and Oldest, we could find new channels.

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