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Feature Request: App upgrade suggestions

I can’t find how to contact support for simple suggestions on app updates so hoping they read these.

First off, I love using the Roku app on my iPad and iPhone. Mainly due to the ability to use the keyboard but also I love seeing the suggestions and such. But there are some things that would make it much better.

- Added support for iPad.... LANDSCAPE viewing & full screen support for LANDSCAPE AND Portrait mode - I do not like how it is currently, its hard to look at.

Thats really it lol

I’m not sure if my other suggestion would be for roku or Spectrum cable or both but it would be nice to see.... It would be great to have better function and support for Spectrum TV app. For example, trying to type in search (using roku app on iPad w Bluetooth keyboard) the keyboard (Bluetooth or system) would not work to type search. It does work in other apps like Netflix etc. It also would be cool and really nice to be able to type in a channel number like 601 for HBO instead of arrowing through all 600 channels to get there... I stay away from the 1000s stations lol. 

It would take a huge update to add this but just thought of it- Customized views/dashboards for apps when using iPad. (Ex. Spectrum TV) In landscape view; compact roku remote on the right of screen with dashboard, TV guide or suggestions to the left. Same page view. Thats all I can think of for now Smiley Happy

Thank you!

[post moved to appropriate board and title changed to denote feature request]

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