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Feature Request: Add bluetooth pairing to Roku

I recently switched from my Nvidia Shield TV to Roku Ultra. I was using a bluetooth enabled speaker for the sound and now realize I can't do the same with the Roku. Seems like a decently easy thing to implement considering everything has bluetooth these days. I'll buy the next iteration with bluetooth included.

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Level 7

Support wireless earbuds

My Roku ultra remote has a handy headphone jack but it would be even better if I could pair my wireless earbuds to it. 

Then both me and my wife could watch a show with one earbud each while the kids sleep. Not that I don't like cuddling with my wife but if one of use has to get up for something we wouldn't have to untangle our selves from the wired ear buds .

I could even go get a snack and continue to listen to the dialog and not pause it leaving my wife sitting there in silence if we could use my wireless earbuds.

Hope Roku is already working on this for the next generation remotes.

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Re: Feature Request: Add bluetooth pairing to Roku

You can pair your bluetooth device. However, it has to be done thru the Roku app via the remote control icon within the Roku App on your smartphone or tablet... and clicking on the headphone icon once the remote control page pops up.

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