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Customized App Buttons on Remote

Just curious if this has ever been considered...

Instead of giving us 4 random apps on their own buttons on the remote, and different apps on the buttons of every remote...why not give us four colored buttons and a Settings menu item to relate each of those colors to an app that we have installed on our Roku. Seems like an easy way around this question I know many people have had for years. I've had at least 10 Roku tvs and devices, and with every one the remote has at least 1 button wasted for an app I don't have and don't plan to get. This would be an easy solution to an old request.

Binge Watcher

Re: Customized App Buttons on Remote

This will never happen, because Roku actually makes a significant amount of money from various streaming providers for locking those buttons onto their services.  This is also why the particular four buttons included change over time. I guess they sign contracts for a specific span of time, or maybe covering X number of remotes manufactured.

I never use the buttons, even for services we do subscribe to, but don't really mind their being there, considering it helps keep Roku in business, and (in a way) helps subsidize the device costs.

It'd be nice to have more than just two programmable buttons, though (I thinks these "1" and "2" are present only on voice-capable remotes).

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