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Brightness Level differences between Video Apps - Per App Bright level Setting

I love my Roku's.  What would make them even greater is if you could set an offset for the Brightness of the picture. 

The problem is that between apps, the brightness levels are not the same, so if you want to maintain a true quality picture, you need to change the brightness level for that service app.

For example, I'm watching say Pluto and then switch to Tubi - and I have to turn up or turn down the brightness on the tv cause the brightness levels aren't the same between all apps/services.   

While I don't mind having to change the brightness constantly, it is a bit repetitive.  A solution would be to add an Brightness offset parameter for each app.  That way the setting can be saved on the Roku, and the amount of times you would have to correct the brightness level after switching to a new app/service would be greatly reduced. 

Obviously there is video content out that there that was shot wrong, old, bad studio production, etc.  I'm not talking about that.  Talking about regular brightness difference a trained eye can see when switching from one streaming app to another. 

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