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Level 12

Auto power savings: 20 minutes is too short

As suggested by RokuDanny-R, I'm re-posting this in the "Suggest a Feature" forum.  Multiple users in the original thread have also requested this.

"Auto power savings"

20 minutes is too short for our usage. Why can't there be options? Something like a choice of 20, 40, 60, and 120 minutes?

Roku Express 4K+ 3941R (2021)

Version 10.5.0, Build 4201


Level 8

Re: Auto power savings: 20 minutes is too short

I completely agree with @Boz and others. This is an important feature that we are requesting. Not a day goes by that I wish this feature existed. I have five Roku's, three which are the #Roku Ultra (4800 series). Please keep us updated as to the status of this feature request to adjust the Auto power savings in increments that are longer than just 20 minutes.

Thank you!

Level 12

Re: Auto power savings: 20 minutes is too short

Dear Roku:

Is there any chance that this has been submitted as a feature enhancement?

Level 7

Re: Auto power savings: 20 minutes is too short

Agreed. I love to see auto power savings setting to "after 1 hour of no interaction" or custom time settings. 20 minutes is to short. 

Level 7

Re: Auto power savings: 20 minutes is too short

Agreed.  Agreed. Agreed. Motion seconded & passed.

Why any software designer (like me) would HARD CODE this as a checkbox instead of a dropdown with several options is beyond me.  Actually, I know why: because some project manager thought it cutting that to save four man/hours was a good idea.  Instead, they've taken a useful feature and made it unusable. 

PLEASE: Change "Auto Power Savings" from a checkbox hardcoded to 20m into a dropdown list at several options: "Disable; 30m; 60m; 90m; 120m" as options... 

Level 7

Re: Auto power savings: 20 minutes is too short

The other problem I keep hitting with this Auto Power Saving feature - Given 20 minutes is way to short I've turned off the feature. Yet my Roku keeps powering off after 20 minutes of no activity via my controller. This is a frustrating "feature" on my Express 4K.

I've searched for acknowledgement of this bug and intent to fix but have found nothing. Here's hoping its addressed in OS 11 or I'll need to return the device. The bug is unacceptable on movie nights.

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