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Adjustable Caption/Subtitle Edge Effect Thickness for Better Readability

Subtitles have plenty of customization, however lack a critical option to make them useful without needing any kind of background effect, which obscures much of the screen; Edge Effect Thickness.


Most people are used to a white font with a thick, black, uniform border. Most streaming sites default to this style for a reason. This makes the text readable regardless of what is shown behind it and without needing a large background.

Roku lets you set a close style to this, but lacks the thick border necessary to differentiate each character in a string of text depending on what is showing behind it.

This should be an easy addition/fix. A thicker border (or border option) is all that's really needed, but a thicker font type (preferably all caps, similar to the current "small caps" font) would also be great.

 This would go a long way to improving enjoyment and usability for those of us that need or prefer to use captions/subtitles.


Thank you. 

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Re: Adjustable Caption/Subtitle Edge Effect Thickness for Better Readability

Some channel apps already have this level of configuration.

Example: BBCiplayer (UK only channel app, sorry).

Would be good if default subtitle library supported this.

Also better support/encouragment for audio description (extra soundtrack which could be selectively enabled).

And a locked down simple mode which works more like a traditional dumb TV (just live streams, or ability to configure specific box sets to work like a live stream).  For people with cognitive difficulties (old and young) that could not cope with full Roku experience.


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