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Action Smoothing on ROKU TV's

After seeing Roku TV OS 12. I was hoping that they would do an advanced options for action smoothing like what they implementend adding a tint option setting with a slider. I know most of the users wanted this option in their ROKu TV's as you can see in youtube blogs like "rtings, digitaltrends ans etc." and comments on other websites. As mentioned it is not the hardware issue (TV models or manufacturers) but a software limitation. As there is a limitation to adjust the action smoothing in ROKU compared to Android or Google TV's. An example of these is would be theTCL ROKU R655 or R635 and the TCL google R646. mentioned in youtube blogs with regards to their motion settings. ROKU software has limitation and cannot access like action smoothing. These would have been a great option/ functionality adding sliders like what they implemented in ROKU TV os 12  for the tint setting as users having roku TV will love them. Most users using using roku tv start to be disappointed due to observing a soap opera effect (even when action smoothing is on LOW) and stuttering issues when action smoothing is off. I hope programmers will hear what users are experiencing and asking. "Adding sliders or extra settings for action smoothing."