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YouTube pauses my playlist

I have Roku Express and using the YouTube app provided by Roku device. I have made playlists on YouTube, but notice after about an hour of playing, the video using Roku, it pauses and asks "Still watching" or "Continue?". On my PC i added an extension and YouTube playlists play uninterrupted for days if I choose. Is there a way I can play my playlists uninterrupted on Roku? Thank you

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Re: YouTube pauses my playlist

Hey @MRogers

Thanks for the post.

Roku has a feature where if no commands are received from your Roku remote or the mobile app, your device will display a prompt asking you to confirm that you are still watching. However, that is 4 hours without remote activity.

Please be advised that some streaming channels employ their own mechanism to cease data usage after a specific period of inactivity. Since you've mentioned that the prompt appears after an hour of inactivity, we recommend contacting YouTube Support to see if they have any additional settings or options within their channel on Roku that may resolve the issue you're experiencing.

Moreover, you can still try to disable your Roku's Bandwidth Saver by following the steps in this link: How to use Bandwidth Saver to avoid going over your internet data cap

I hope this helps!

All the best,

Kariza D.
Roku Forum Moderator
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