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Update cause graphic ui of Roku tv to turn black then statically

ONN 58” Roku tv update in 2021 around same time YouTube tv wasn’t going to be apart and after the update restart it was just black so decided to press any button on the Remote and the sound was heard but no picture around then mins later a still white static faded in and will completely disappeared on unplug or reset button unsure if roku and Onn sound bar and subwoofer had a issue to cause video to not appear because before the update the surround would not work whatsoever no matter how it was connected with hdmi arc only surround sound worked but subwoofer wouldn’t pair and cec could not be detected for wireless I don’t know if after update if some reason video could be being sent somewhere else instead of the tv but sound stated on tv and video was somehow these two could be reversed I’m unsure the manufacturer clams it wasn’t a hardware issue but update probably Roku has already admitted problems caused by updates and roku support says it couldn’t possibly so there not holding accountability anyone else have this happen. Did you solve it? I surely don’t believe want to leave the tv on because of the still static coming on I’m sure the bright white light being  emitted could cause physical damage if it hasn’t already done so Roku why would you try to deny what’s already been admitted that your past and future updates have had a wide range of problems for different users some of them do a button restart and image comes back so how can you say your software can’t be a picture issue when it’s caused image problems before I can’t just unplug the a image when it’s only source is your OS if there’s a OS problem surely there could be cause of image problems the best way i could simplify this is if a graphic driver was to be uninstalled so what did you do to my tv because my manufacturer said it’s not covered because it’s your software and that there hardware components are all compatible 

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