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Reel Rookie

Unstable program selection on a Roku Ultra LT

On YouTube, Tubi, Roku channel and others when selecting a program to watch it rolls to another selection on its own before and can select the program. Most of the time rolling upward to a selection above your selection.

Tried rebooting several times, disconnecting and starting over problem continues. Removed the Ultra LT and setup our older Roku Premier on the same TV and it works perfectly so it is definitely a problem in the Ultra.

Does anyone have a fix where we can stabilize the selection from rolling to other selections on its own.

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Unstable program selection on a Roku Ultra LT


That actually sounds like an issue with the remote. Try a test. Download the Roku app and connect to your Roku device to use the remote feature of the app. Then take the batteries out of your physical remote, and use the phone app to test.

Does it still happen? With the batteries out of the remote, do you still encounter the issue?

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Re: Unstable program selection on a Roku Ultra LT

Downloading and installing the Roku app on my smart phone did stop the Unstable program selection that I was having when using Tubi although I was not having
this problem with other streaming apps on my Roku Ultra LT,
I have been watching Tubi for over a year and never had this problem before until

Thanks DBDukes for the tip on the problem that TBird-1 was having with similar issue,
the Roku app on my smart phone works without problems for the Tubi app on Roku.
Is there any way I can get my Roku remote to work without the problem with Unstable
program selection with Tubi, I checked the batteries in the remote and they are good.

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