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Reel Rookie

Switching content, reboot needed

I have a Roku Express 4k (3940) connected to my 5G Home Internet and using the supplied power adapter. Recently I noticed (bought it last year and haven't used it a lot) that whenever I switch content, either within a channel or switch to another channel (except for what it looks like YouTube) I need to reboot my device otherwise I will end up with the never ending spinning wheel.
Like this morning I watched some olympics via the Peacock Channel I went back to the Peacock homepage and selected a movie. Movie didn't want to start, rebooted, looked up same movie and even the preview played which it didn't do in the first attempt.
same happens when I switch from Peacock to the Roku channel or the other way around.
Latest firmware has been installed.
Last year when I used it I powered it via the TV so it powered off with the TV. Maybe that is why I didn't notice this problem.

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