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SOLVED [11.5.0] TCLRokuTV Game mode keeps dimming image rapidly. [7 months still no fix]

SOLVED update 11.5.0. Had to factory reset for it to apply properly but the issue is finally fixed.

Patch 10.5.0, a bug was introduced that kept DynamicContrast enabled when GameMode was also enabled despite the fact it says it is "unavailable." It has been 7 months and a new version has been pushed through and the issue is still not fixed

All Inputs with game mode turned ON keeps adjusting the screen brightness even though the Dynamic Contrast is turned OFF/Not available. Inputs with game mode turned OFF do not have this issue and work properly. For example, when watching a show/playing a video game and the scene cuts, the screen will flash brightly and or darken for half a second than quickly adjust back to the correct brightness. This is extremely frustrating and distracting making the experience unenjoyable

All Tv information Provided below: 

Roku TV: C128X

TCL model: 43S425

Serial Number: X00000DHYL5L

Device ID: S03HD07HYL5L

Software Version: 11.0.0 • build 4193

Tracker ID: 5L-508-018

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