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Reel Rookie

Roku won’t show up on tv anymore

I just purchased a Roku Express 4K+ to replace our old Roku 1 that would no longer receive updates. Got it a few days ago but finally set up today and it worked beautifully. Felt like a new tv with the 4K. Used for about 45 minutes before powering off. 
A few hours later I used Roku remote to power on tv and Roku didn’t show up as an input source. The Roku device does have a solid blue light  

Tried the following:

-switching hdmi cables (yes all are the 2.2 special cables)

-switching hdmi ports (all ports work for other devices: DVD player, Nintendo switch, Roku 1)

-unplugging roku (yes, it’s plugged directly to a wall outlet)

-pressing reset button (tried holding for over a minute but no change in light…no blinking or other colors)

-called tv manufacturer and talked with them to be sure nothing is wrong with tv. They even did remote access and found all hdmi ports to be in working order and all settings in a good place. 

What else do I do? This is brand new, used less than an hour and not showing up to use. It also doesn’t not show up on my Roku phone app but it does show up in my list of devices when signed in to the Roku website. I’ve tried so many troubleshooting tips and can’t find a number to call for Roku to help get thus in working order. I’d like to avoid returning/exchanging if it can easily be fixed with guidance since it’s brand new. 

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Roku won’t show up on tv anymore

[Edit - I think @Strega in the post after this is correct.  My suggestion in this thread is probably not going to help and best bet may be to return the Roku for a replacement.]

Starting with Roku operating system version 10.5 a new "Power" item was added in the "Settings > System" menu for some of the newer Roku device models. At this writing they are Streaming Stick 4K/4K+ (3820/3821), Express 4K/4K+ (3940/3941), Roku 4 (4400), and Ultra/Ultra LT (4800/4801). You can check your model and model number via Roku menu path Settings/System/About.

If you have one of these models, the new "Auto power savings" item there will put your Roku device into a low power standby condition after a 20 minute period of inactivity, in which nothing has been streaming and no user interaction has been received. In this state neither its connection to your home network nor its HDMI signal to your TV are active.

Pressing a Roku control key (like the Home button) on your Roku remote (not Power, Volume, or Mute buttons, if your remote has them, as they act on the TV, not the Roku) should bring the Roku out of standby and back to full operation. Pulling the power for a few seconds to restart the Roku will restore full operation as well.

If you disable "Settings > System > Power > Auto power savings > After 20 minutes of no interaction" it should prevent your Roku from going into standby in the first place. The power savings are very small and for the hassle it causes most users, I don't think it's worth having this feature activated.

For further details, see this Roku information page:

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Roku Guru

Re: Roku won’t show up on tv anymore

As I started reading the OP, I also thought of the power saving mode.  However, I don't know how to explain unplugging and holding reset button having no effect, and I believe the OP is saying there is no way to get to a menu even after doing all of that.

If so, it really sounds like it's best to exercise your return/replace option at the retailer at this point. A certain percentage of new gizmos do die young.  Electronic products usually follow "the bathtub curve" ie: lots of failures early on, followed by a long period of few failures, followed by increasing failures as they get very old.

Reel Rookie

Re: Roku won’t show up on tv anymore

I have an update.

I liked the idea of waking up the Roku from a deep sleep although I felt like I had pressed as many buttons as possible before. But I went back and tried pushing every button available hoping to wake from a deep sleep. Didn’t do anything. 

I sent a return/replace request online and apparently sent to Roku Canada. No idea how that happened. Anyway, I responded to their reply asking for the phone number to Roku USA. They obliged and I called and went through all the troubleshooting steps I previously did to appease the Roku support person. But she had me try one thing I hadn’t thought of.

I unplugged my new Roku and plugged it into a different tv (a Roku tv 😂)…and guess what!?! It doesn’t show up there either. So, they are sending a new device and I hope to have no issues with the new one. Thank you all for trying to help. I guess sometimes there’s just nothing we can do. 

I do hope they appreciated that I did try any and all steps I could think of to remedy the situation before calling. Anyway, this is a case closed situation. 

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