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Roku is in Black and White

I am pretty frustrated. I have attempted all remedies found in these chats. I have even bought a new Roku and problem still exists. I need answers as to why my Roku is in black and white. My tv has color with everything else. Is there help out there?

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Re: Roku is in Black and White

Be more specific.  What is the model number and software version of your Roku device, and what is the brand name and model number of your TV set?  Which TV connection/adapter are you connecting your Roku device to your TV through? 

If your Roku is HDMI only, with your TV set being an analog Composite only model, and you’re connecting the Roku to your TV through a USB-powered HDMI to A/V converter, the problem may be with your converter.  HDMI to A/V converters that require a power connection have a NTSC/PAL switch on the side, which may help fix the issue if you switch it to NTSC.

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Re: Roku is in Black and White


Try going into your TV settings using your TV remote (not the Roku remote), and look for a setting that Resets your video or picture settings.  If you come up empty, look for a Factory Reset in your TV, or Reset to Default Settings.  Again these are all going to be in your TV, not on the Roku device.

Feel free to post model of your TV and maybe we can provide some more details where these settings may be located for you.  On some models, each HDMI Input has its own Picture settings while others just have a main setting that affects all Inputs.

Other times, may be an issue with the HDMI port so try some wiggling, unplug/replug of HDMI cable.  Try alternate port.  Make sure you are using new HDMI cable that came with the new Roku device.  Since happening on multiple Roku devices, the culprit is at the TV.

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