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Reel Rookie

Roku Ultra - Error 20 since 11/17/21 OS update

I am sick of seeing the Error 20 black screen stating my HDMI connection does not work and I cannot receive a picture . After reading many blogs, following the suggested solutions over and over, then in frustration trying to return and exchange my device, I have boxed up my 2020 Roku Ultra 4800 and bought an Apple TV device (which when hooked up to the same HDMI cable works perfectly). I thought of buying a new Roku, but when reading the various blogs, determined that I would run into the same or similar issues that Roku will just ignore. 

I have tried everything suggested and my Roku still does not work. The device is less than a year old and was working perfectly until the 11/17/21 os update. I do not appreciate Roku’s determination to ignore that they have a software problem and blame the consumer. 
I am very unhappy with the Roku system, and will refrain from further purchases or recommending your product. #Roku Ultra 2020(4800 series), @Error20
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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku Ultra - Error 20 since 11/17/21 OS update

hi, I totally understand your frustrations I have had similar problems but was able to finally figure out what the deal was. I have a couple of questions for you......1. Did you replace your Roku? If yes, then my next question is who is your internet provider? We have Xfinity and I found out that we had to upgrade to a 4k Roku because it would not work with the new router that Xfinity installed. If Xfinity is not your provider that doesn't necessarily mean that the issue could not happen with another internet provider. I literally tried everything and couldn't get my Roku to work until I went out of town and stayed in a hotel and it worked. I couldn't understand why it worked there but not at home.....that's when I did extensive research and found out what the issue was 

My other question is if this is not the issue, have you tried just replacing the Roku USB power cord? I was having a ton of error messages and I would unplug everything, restart everything and reset my Roku to no avail then I decided to take the power cord and replace it with a cord from my old flip phone (same type of cord) and it worked! It stopped giving me the HDMI error messages. I was so glad because I had spent so much time on the Roku tech support trying to get help and not one recommendation worked. I hope that helps. 

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