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Roku Ultra (2022) - Atmos issue, need advice

Hi there - just switched over from ATV4k and am having some issues getting Atmos and was hoping to get advice or find out if this is a known issue.

For context, I have a HDCP 2.2 chain that has both LG OLED C1 with EARC (2021) and a Marantz SR7012 flagship receiver (2017 - hence the HDCP 2.2 instead of 2.3, but with EARC).

Currently, and like the ATV before it, the Roku Ultra goes 48gbps HDMI to the LG, and then audio goes EARC to the Marantz.  Just FYI, before posting, I've also tried going Roku-Marantz-LG with similar results.  

With ATV, I had it set to passthrough, and the receiver always picked up the right flag on services such as D+, Netflix, etc and passed Atmos.

On Roku, before I knew to set Atmos via pass through (default to auto), EVERYTHING flagged Atmos on my receiver which seemed crazy. 

I read a bit before I posted so I have Passthrough set but turned off volume leveling (although dialog enhancement (AC-4 is still on), and while the menu on Roku shows Dolby Atmos capable under pass-through, when I start Atmos content, I now get Dolby Digital+ + Dolby Surround.  My LG that used to display both a Dolby Vision flag as well as a Dolby Atmos flag now just shows DV.

Tested in multiple streaming services and same outcome...the service shows Dolby Atmos capable streams, the Roku menu shows DA capable under passthrough, but the flag in the receiver is DD+ and DSurround (I can force it to just be DD+ if I manually force the soundfield but I can't force DAtmos).

Is this a known issue?  Is it playing Atmos but showing an incorrect flag?

Not sure what to do and thing is, ATV worked perfectly.  Might have to go back... 😞

Thanks,  Robb  



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Re: Roku Ultra (2022) - Atmos issue, need advice

Never mind - it was an LG display issue.  I had audio settings (Sound - Additional Settings - Digital Sound Out set to Pass Through (vs. PCM or Auto).  I saw the same problem on the LG Native App.  Set to Auto instead of Pass Through and EARC/Atmos work properly.






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Re: Roku Ultra (2022) - Atmos issue, need advice

Thanks for reporting back.  I wish more people would do this when they find solutions to their posted questions.

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I am not a Roku employee, only a user like you.  Please, no support questions via private message -- post them publicly to the Community where others may benefit as well.
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Re: Roku Ultra (2022) - Atmos issue, need advice

Read your text. I had a lot of issues with ATV also, especially Netflix, stoping or stuttering. I switched mine ATV over to 16.0 as a beta tester and completely eliminated stuttering. You do get some minor glitches on some apps not a big deal. I end up using both Roku and ATV.

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