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Roku TV Screen Glitching/Double Images

I was given a 43" TCL Roku TV for free due to the screen glitching out. The best way to describe what is happening is a double image of the screen, flashing on and off every second or so. The TV is completely up to date and a factory reset has not solved the issue. Could this be something related to the motherboard? Either way I am thinking of sending the tv in for repair

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Re: Roku TV Screen Glitching/Double Images


Before you send in for repair, try the known fix for the flashing screen on TCL RokuTVs first.  (Common backlight issue on older LED TCLs), so lower Brightness to Normal)

1. Start up a show either in antenna or using Roku.

2. Press *button on Roku remote.  An Options screen should appear and you should see "TV brightness".  Change this to Normal.  Apparently some can use "Bright", but run into issues when using "Brighter".

3. Press *button again to exit.

This may work for you and stop the flashing.  Not really a full fix since you can't use the full array of brightness options, but if does resolve issue, then at least you know it is a backlight issue. (You can normally see it flashing/blinking from the back of the screen through the back cover).  

Apparently, bad design with LED driver and current/resistance regulation and an undersized heat sink. Replacing power supply board ($20-50) will fix your issue because contains power supply but chance may just reoccur some time down the road.  If the fix mentioned above works for you, I would use TV until it dies. (The lower brightness level is using less current).  If it does not, I would simply look for another TV.  Unless you know a really cheap TV repairman or replace the power supply board yourself. (disconnect power, wear gloves, and don't touch the old capacitors on old board, or at least discharge them first.)

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Re: Roku TV Screen Glitching/Double Images

Replacing all three boards didn’t fix the shutter in the picture. What other hardware is under the metal frame of the TV that would cause this? Is it a software OS issue maybe on purpose to phase out older models? I read an article about that very issue from older TCL TVs. These are cheap Chinese TVs that are a POS.

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