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Roku Streambar HDCP Error 020

I have a Sony Bravia TV from 2008 and a Roku streambar model 9102R

Serial number YLOO8T116673

software version 10.50 build 4210-95

Device ID 2A1178116673

IP address wireless MAC address 20:EF:BD:92:B8:C1

I receive an HDCP Error on any content I attempt to watch. So far I've power cycled the TV and media player 43 times I've tried 7 different HDMI cables including the one that comes with the Roku streambar device that are all high speed HDMI cables and 2 of them are high speed HDMI and Ethernet. I've changed the  auto adjust display rate and I've tried every display type setting available. I've tried all 3 HDMI ports on my Sony Bravia TV I still get the same HDCP Error message on any content I attempt to watch even YouTube and Pluto. Before anyone suggests I use a different TV I want to point out that this Roku device comes in a box that clearly states "works with any TV with an HDMI port" the Sony Bravia TV is clearly a TV and it clearly has 3 HDMI ports so if I do need another TV then Roku better be buying it because I don't want to buy a new TV if I did want to buy a new TV I would buy a smart TV with the media player built in and therefore wouldn't need a Roku streambar. I paid $150 for a media player and I would like to watch content on said media player ASAP I have spent the last 7 hours trying to get this thing to work and I am currently as unhappy with my purchase as I could possibly be. 

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