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Poor servers..............

Trying to ignore all issues and blame them on other things as is proven by subjects that need X amount of characters and having to re-login after typing multiple paragraphs.  It comes down to watching a TV series and having no issues until tonight, then all-of-a-sudden UT acts like you've never watched the show before and wants to start on Ep 1...nevermind that you're halfway through season 2...ok, I'll just look through the episodes and figure out which I left on by the no season 2 episode will play.  Odd as I can play season 1 and 3...ok, must be something wrong with Roku servers....not according to their website, or Down Detector....hmm, odd as every single other thing I pull up on my WiFi/internet works.  Seems like they are just too scared to admit they can't run a proper streaming server even when they getting paid by the ads (which are even more obnoxious as they run only 2-3 at a time which means you'll likely see the same one multiple times on a single ad break)....I'm not sure what more i can say, good or bad, but this is mostly bad as you try to compete with the big dogs and fall flat on your face so many times

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