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NBC News App Date Sorting Bug

NBC date sorting on 2 of the categories not sorting properly. The focus is stuck on older dates instead of most current appropriately and has been since that date. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this app and restarted my Roku in between.
'Presidential Debate" - Focus is stuck on Jun 27, then July 6 follows.
"MSNBC Highlights" - Focus has been stuck for days on July 6 'Trump forgotten....'

The primary panel that shows is a backdate not a current date. Example: Log into the app on Roku and scroll down to MSNBC news. Regardless of the fact that there are newer items this same panel is stuck there instead of rotating as it usually does.

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Re: NBC News App Date Sorting Bug


It may not be apparent to many users that the various channel owners create, submit to Roku, and maintain the specific Roku-compatible versions of their apps that run on the Roku operating system. They also specify the Roku models they wish to support and the geographical regions in which their channel apps may be offered. Roku just provides the platform on which they run.

The features of each channel app are controlled by channel's owner, not Roku.

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Re: NBC News App Date Sorting Bug

As the owner of this platform, one would think that they might want to have everything working properly.  To pass the buck saying this is a NBC problem and not a ROKU problem is disingenuous at best.  You are the face of NBC and as such have a responsibility to ensure that all content works properly.

I, too, am having the same problems with all MSNBC content on "your platform".  From MSNBC Highlights, to Morning Joe, Ari Melber, Rachel Maddow, etc.  Each and every one is stuck on a much more previous date.  Get with NBC and work out the problem.  Simple, easy peasy.

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Re: NBC News App Date Sorting Bug

I have torn my hair out trying to contact the "app owner" itself. I keep getting rejected by NBC with the emailed reply that basically states "We cannot help you with this."

Even if the owner of the app IS responsible, if we cannot contact the creator of the app then our only solution is to advise Roku so that they can.

Not the first time an app is not working and Roku does nothing about it, including not removing apps that no longer exist and charging for same where mandated. (which always results in the response from Roku "contact the app creator")

I tried contacting various NBC links with these findings before I posted here. NBC has mandatory categories of reporting issues. Does not matter what you choose; the reply is still the same as above.

This app is whacked. It scrolls at at times without stopping, forcing a restart of the app.... and now this sorting date and the fact that if you're watching an MSNBC category item on the main app (for example) sometimes, Instead of playing the next episode, it decides to jump up to another category.... which is probably due to the fact that the same Episode appears in multiple categories.

Apparently there is no software sort episode date check and (for the skipping/scrolling) in a loop for "If prior episode is being watched from X category continue with X category." Not rocket science. (Probably also causes the crazed internittent scrolling.) I've put up with it and just removed/re-added the app, etc.

Now, the date sorting has not been tested, and that tells me that likely, the developers do basic unit testing and there's nobody that runs a regression bed.

Sorry, but this always results in the inevitable sigh from me. App development needs an automated regression team or serious eyes-on post-development release testing.

In my opinion, Roku either has to serve their users responsibly by alerting the app owner on our behalf, or providing us with the ability to forward an issue to the app owner.

@Jimheinrich99,.... Thank you for backing me up.

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