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Disney Plus on my Roku Smart TV won't play

I am getting very frustrated with this whole issue!  I have a Hitachi (Model 43R80) Roku Smart TV (7405X). I have signed up for Disney Plus through Disney Plus site. I have been using the Disney Plus Channel on my Roku TV for about 6 months now without any issues at all.  A couple of weeks ago my Disney Plus Channel will no longer play movies but give me the error "Protected content license error" every time I tell it to Play.  They Channel allows me to maneuver around and even select different movies or shows but when I then tell it to play that movie or show, I get the error.

I have done EVERYTHING that is mentioned anywhere I can find something and nothing fixes the issue.  I have Unplugged my TV, let it sit for a bit, then plug it back in.  I have removed the channel, and then reinstalled the channel.  I have even done the factory reset.  NOTHING is fixing the issue.  Disney Plus works on anything else that I pull it up on EXCEPT my Roku TV.  There have even been a few times that while I have done some of the above steps that it will start to work and then shut off after a few minutes.  I have even mirrored my other devices onto the Roku TV and it plays just fine....just not through the Disney Plus Channel.

PLEASE help me figure it out!

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Re: Disney Plus on my Roku Smart TV won't play

I'm having the same issue.  We have a TCL smart tv with Roku.  Disney plus played fine for 9 months and then started throwing that "Protected content license error"  I spent 2 hours on the phone with the nice Disney Plus help desk.  We tried everything - delete and reinstall the app, check for updates, override on their end, even a total factory reset of the TV.  NO luck.  The next day they escalated it to their level two people who also tried everything they could and after another hour gave up.  We have no issues playing it on any other device outside our Roku.  Please help.


Re: Disney Plus on my Roku Smart TV won't play

We have a similar situation.  TLC Roku TV.  Most content from Disney Plus will play, however we are unable to play new movies.  My workaround was to plug in a Roku stick to access Disney Plus to play the new movies.  Of course, the purpose of a Roku TV is to have an integrated system, but it is nice to have an extra stick around to save movie night with the family.  

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