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Reel Rookie

Audio drops and when it returns the audio is ten seconds ahead of the video.

I have an older 40” TCL Roku TV (2015) running software version 10.5.0.  I have a strong Wi-Fi signal to the devise.  I am using the TV’s internal speakers.  Sound mode is set to normal.  When using the MotoGP app and the Paramount Plus app there is a ten second audio drop.  When the audio returns, the audio is ten seconds ahead of the video.  This problem is repeatable.  The MotoGP app has been doing this for about a year,  but the Paramount Plus app just started this failure mode yesterday.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the apps and the problems still persists.  My work around is to cast to the TV and there is no problem, but that is not an acceptable practice.  I have found other audio sync problems posted in the Roku community, but not this particular failure mode.  Any suggestions?

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Re: Audio drops and when it returns the audio is ten seconds ahead of the video.

Buy a new tv 👍🏻

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Re: Audio drops and when it returns the audio is ten seconds ahead of the video.


While I do not have those two particular Channels/apps, I have found that performing a System Restart will normally help some audio synch issues - though not all. (Settings/System/Power/System Restart).  Some users have reported restarting their Router as well has helped other times.

I haven't really ever experienced an actual drop-out of audio, either on my Insignia RokuTV or Roku devices, so not too sure what could be contributing to that if only limited to these two Channels.  

I did just watch a couple of free programs on MotoGP and did not experience the above issues on the Insignia RokuTV.  

It could be something inherent in the Roku OS 10 that may be contributing to the issue with these particular Channels and that particular TV. (certainly cannot be ruled out.)  With Roku OS 11 rolling out, may be worthwhile to wait and see if the issue is resolved with the update.

Personally, I think I would try Factory Resetting the RokuTV and see if maybe something has simply gotten corrupted in the setup.  If you want to try this, make sure you have a working physical Roku remote and go to Settings/System/Advanced System Settings/Factory Reset.

Factory Reset is normally a last resort since it requires you to login to all your Subscriptions again and setup the device as though it just came out of the box.  It should however, remove any corrupted data that may have occured along the way.


I don't think I have ever seen a definitive explanation nor solution for these audio sync issues.  Mainly just a connection or delivery lag that can occur anywhere in the streaming chain.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Audio drops and when it returns the audio is ten seconds ahead of the video.

Thanks for the suggestions.  I tried them all and none of them resolved the problem.  So, I purchased a Roku Streaming Stick 4K (on sale), plugged it into my Roku TV and problem solved.  It was a much less expensive solution compared to purchasing a new television.


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