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Apps freeze and system restarts

Ever since I got this roku, my apps have been glitchy. One specific is discovery plus. I have contacted discovery plus thinking it was on there end but I noticed it is with all the apps I have. It started out mixing up the episode I was on. The apps would freeze before an ad and I made sure my Wi-Fi was connected and stable. Now it freezes in the middle of an episode with a black screen (no loading sign just black screen). I am unable to rewind or fast forward. I had to consistently back out to the episodes and click back into it. Sometimes I can’t even do that and have to turn my tv off/on. 

My roku is up to date. I have cleared the cache (discovery plus suggested). I have restarted my roku. I have unplugged it from my tv and plugged it back in. It has not changed. What did change is now the roku randomly rebooting it self durning an episode. I have been frustrated because I pay money for these subscriptions and roku has been a failure. 

There is no agent support for this and there should be! What the heck is going on. 

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Roku Guru

Re: Apps freeze and system restarts

First of all there is no "clear cache" on  Roku. Firestick yes but not Roku. You did not mention which Roku model number you own and what version of Roku OS is it running. How fast is your internet? Does this happen on other channels? Roku uses channels not apps. 

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