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Reel Rookie

4800R freezes when trying to start a stream.

Each App has different symptoms, but the end result is that after scrolling through choices or searching for a specific show, then choosing it, I get a screen that shows the Roku is connecting, or buffering, or counting up and then it gets "stuck". Sometimes the app reboots, and sometimes it finally goes to the screen saver. Once I did get and error code in the Xfinity Stream beta app (Error: TVAPP-00231). Even Sirius wont stream, it just switches back to the Roku Home screen. Netflix counts up to 25%, then freezes, and once I got a message with the code "tvq-pb-101 (5.2.4)"

Unit is hardwired with ethernet. Seems to happen after 2 (or so) hours of use, but no specific time from when I start. 

I have unplugged the unit, with the same results after awhile. Also, I have reset the unit to factory default and reloaded the Apps and signed in again with no change...

Unit is sitting on top of the box it came in, with nothing beside it, or above it. 

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Re: 4800R freezes when trying to start a stream.


Thanks for the post.

In general buffering related issues are caused by poor internet connectivity. Have you tried rebooting your network to see if that helps the issue you are experiencing?

Please keep us posted what you find out.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: 4800R freezes when trying to start a stream.

Called in for tech support and found that the NIC was failing. With both hardwire and WiFi both losing connectivity after the unit warms up, it was determined to be a bad unit, so we took it back and got it replaced!

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