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Use Streambar as an audio-only device?

I am thinking of getting a Streambar for a small bedroom and use it for audio only. My idea is to mostly cast Spotify to it, but I have heard that it will not work without a display plugged in and turned on. I am also considering plugging in a blu-ray player via HDMI to play CDs. Would this work? I know the intention is for the HDMI to be used with a TV's HDMI ARC, so would it work to have a device inputting audio directly over HDMI?

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Re: Use Streambar as an audio-only device?

For the first question, I've used an "HDMI Dummy Plug" like this to experiment with my Streambar and I believe it would work for what you want to do.  I was going to do something similar for playing music, but I never got around to setting the whole thing up.  I was able to connect the dummy plug and then blindly navigate to my music app and get it to play, but I didn't try casting.  I don't see why it wouldn't work.  There was also a similar question regarding turning off the TV and keeping the Streambar from stopping whatever it was doing and returning to the Home Screen.  I believe a powered HDMI switch worked in that case.

Using the audio return channel sounds interesting for connecting another device, but I would think it requires some kind of adapter.  I don't know if such a thing exists.  I don't think connecting the Blu-ray player's output directly to the HDMI output of the Streambar is going to work and I'd be a little afraid to try connecting two outputs together.  You could get an HDMI audio extractor that has an optical output and connect to the Streambar via its optical input.

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