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Samsung TV HDMI anynet cec issues with Roku

After I install my Roku ultra LT everything seemed to work fine until I power it off. When I come back and power my system back on the sound no longer works properly. The external sound bar can no longer be found. I have a Samsung TV and I use an arc connection for my soundbar which always work before. No issues. But once the Roku devices installed anytime it's powered off. The sound of ice is lost and I have to completely shut power off the whole system unplug it from the wall for which restore sound. What is the issue or what is the fix? Thanks in advance


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Re: Samsung TV HDMI anynet cec issues with Roku


The power-savings feature introduced by Roku OS 11.5 to some Roku devices may cause some some unwanted HDMI related issues.

First thing, just press the Home button on the Roku Remote to wake up the Ultra LT and see if that resolves it.

If not, then try disabling the Power Saving feature. Settings/System/Power/Auto-Power Savings/20-mins [Disable]


Just for clarity, there is no powering down the Roku device.  You press the Home button when you are finished streaming and the Roku device should enter a sleep mode after some time of inactivity.  You then press the Home button when you want to wake the Roku and begin streaming again.

If you are just pressing the Power button on the Roku remote, you are just powering down the TV. (Power and volume buttons are TV controls and do not affect the Roku device).  If you are doing this, then the Roku continues to stream in background until the Power Savings feature (if enabled) is kicking in.  When this occurs, some have reported difficulty with either video or audio signals lost and regaining connection, requiring a System Restart/reboot of the Roku device to re-establish the HDMI handshake.

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Re: Samsung TV HDMI anynet cec issues with Roku

I have the Samsung QN 90 and all my devices are connected through a Denon AVR X7200Wa.  I am using an MX990 to control all my devices.  Everything has been humming along for over a year when all of the sudden, I try to switch input sources from my AVR "Media Player" (ROKU Ultra) to my CBL/SAT (Dish) and it will not switch input sources - period.  It stays on the "MEDIA PLAYER" HDMI port source.  I then walk over and attempt to manually change input sources on my Denon Receiver - It stays locked on to the Media Player source (ROKU).  So I unplug the ROKU from the Media Player HDMI port and magically, everything works great - no issues changing input sources while the ROKU is unplugged.  I call ROKU Tech support and they have me do a RESET on the  ROKU.  I plug the ROKU back into the MEDIA Player HDMI port and everything seems to be working normally so I begin the process of activiating the ROKU again, logging into my account and then go to the remote and start putting in passwords for all the streaming channels I subscribe to and just before I finish, I decided to change input sources and the same issue crops up.  Should I I buy another ROKU Ultra and hope for the best.  My current Ultra is about 4 or 5 years old

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Re: Samsung TV HDMI anynet cec issues with Roku

Samsung Anytime+/CEC is going to KILL Roku and all their media players.  ROKU tech support is getting slammed with support questions that are all over the map trying to solve CEC issues.  They have no clue what the issue is and are merely "Spitballing" ideas that have solved nothing.  If I owned stock in ROKU, I'd sell it fast - ROKU is finished and will not exist in the future. Thank you ROKU for the memories 

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