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Roku setup without the remote

A friend gave me his old roku but not the remote control. I'm trying to set it up and found remoku thanks to this sub, but it's not detecting any device at my IP address. Does the roku have it's own IP? If so, how can I find out what it is without the remote? I feel like I'm in an endless loop of frustration! Thanks for your help. I'm computer illiterate and feel like a fool.

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Re: Roku setup without the remote

IP numbers are assigned to the device by the network router at the time the device is connected to the network, so until your Roku is connected to the local network it doesn't have an IP number..

A Roku control app on a phone can only be used with Rokus that are already connected to your home network, so you have to use a method other than a Roku app to set up a new net connection.

You have two options for setting up your Roku:

FIRST METHOD - Get a replacement remote

Normally a remote compatible with your Roku model is used to set up the Roku's net connection. This is by far the simplest method.

There are basically two types of Roku devices: 

Streaming Sticks

In general, Roku "Streaming Stick" models are used behind the TV.   With minor variations, Streaming Stick models basically look like this:


Streaming Stick models have a male HDMI plug on one end that can be connected directly into a female HDMI jack on the TV.  Because they are typically used behind the set, they require one of the Roku "Voice Remote" models that connect via wifi-direct capable of penetrating through to the Roku.   Roku Voice Remotes can be purchased directly from Roku, but also can be found at many local and online retailers.  [Note, if your Streaming Stick is purple in color, it is a very outdated and obsolete model that used a specific remote that is no longer available.  You might be able to find a used remote of unknown condition on eBay or Craig's List, but you're probably better off just spending a few dollars more to get a current model that comes with its own remote.]

All other Roku devices

If your Roku is NOT a Streaming Stick model, it has a female HDMI jack instead of a male HDMI plug and connects to the TV using an HDMI cord.  These can use a wifi-direct Voice Remote also, but if placed in a location visible from your viewing area, all such non-stick models also can be controlled by less expensive direct line-of sight infrared (IR) remotes.  Roku's "Simple Remote" can be used, as well as replacement Roku IR remotes from other manufacturers.  Many inexpensive multi-device universal IR remotes also can be found that have control codes for Roku as well. [Note that the IR command set for Roku TVs is not the same as the command set for separate Roku devices, so remotes for Roku TVs can't be used to control Roku devices.]

If in doubt, report back with your Roku model (and model number if you have it) and we can advise you on which remote you need.  You should be able to find a label identifying the model somewhere on the device.

Note that this method will reconfigure your current network and so all the other devices on your net will have to be reconfigured for these new settings.  Because of this, you may want to just get a remote compatible with your Roku and configure your Roku to your current network, rather than configuring your network to your Roku.

You will need all of these:

-- A Roku that is still set up for its prior network. If the Roklu was no longer connecting to that network when it was shut down, if its network settings have been cleared, or if a factory reset has been done on it, your only recourse is to use a remote to set the Roku network connection up.

-- Knowledge of the network name (SSID) and password from its former network connection that the Roku is currently configured to use.

-- Access to your router's configuration controls.

-- A phone or other mobile device with a Roku control app (not TheRokuChannel app) installed.

If you have ALL of the above:

Go into your router's control panel and set your router to use the same network name (SSID) and password as the previous network.

Pull the power plug on your Roku for a few seconds then plug it back in. When it boots up it should connect to your reconfigured net.

Now when you connect your phone to this same net you should be able to use the Roku app to control your Roku once again.

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